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Portals provide a single point of access to aggregated information.

A web portal is a highly beneficial access point to the web for individual as well as business users.  The information contained in a web content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  The information contained in a content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  Also initially used by the general public for purposes such as email, public forums, search engines, online shopping and more, web portals today provide a multitude of other functions.

With advances in technology, the usage of web portal software expanded to include interfaces for corporate databases, applications and many other business functions.  Termed as a business or enterprise portal, this development in online portal technology provides clients with user friendly, faster, easier access to products and services, as well as improved communication and response times. 

A business portal enables the integration of a number of functions in your website, including task management and workflow applications, search and navigation functions, content and data management systems, supply chain management systems, internal and external communication systems, automated sales support systems, ecommerce storefronts, notification systems, online forums, discussion boards and more.  A web portal will enable your employees and customers to be organized, streamlined and connected.  In addition, the management functions of businesses today are significantly aided by this technology.

Aioss creates web portals that enable your visitors to access news, information, find articles and communicate with other users. It is vital that a portal personalizes the delivery of relevant information to each visitor. Aioss helps to secure user base by facilitating user interaction with the site.
Today's dynamic e-market requires solutions that expedite the development to deployment process. Our competent team of professionals excels at developing portals with a very low turn around. It is this quality that has made Microsys Infomedia earn the trust of its clients.